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Online Lessons Level 1 India


Body-energy therapy live training



На этом уровне вы освоите базовую технику. Ваши клиенты почувствуют расслабление, улучшение сна, чувствительности и сексуальной жизни!


What Will I Learn?

1. Relaxation: Muscles relax, tension is relieved, even the one in micro-muscles that are not controlled consciously by ourselves.

2. Tranquility and peace of mind: After the session one becomes calm, satisfied, anxieties and tensions leave. The nervous system gets stronger.

3. Stable psyche: After 4-5 sessions your body learns to control tension and relaxation on its own, without your effort.

4. Pleasure: In addition, the process is just really delightful! For both, the receiver and the master as well. Women literally get happy, which has been tested on 100+ customers!

5. Upgrade of intimate life: The effect after the session upgrades sensitivity and amount of pleasure that people get through their normal sexual life. More pleasure, more delight!


Targeted Audience

  1. Both beginners and experienced massage therapists, psychologists and masters of various body/energy practices if you want to offer your customers a new unique experience and get an additional source of income
  2. For couples who want to get a new experience in relationships and reach a new level. Training can be done simultaneously for both partners
  3. For men who want to please their ladies with an incredible experience if you want to get the status of “the best lover in my life” forever (my student’s girlfriend’s exact quote)


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